What To Bring Whitewater Rafting? Check Out This List

Before you go whitewater rafting for the first time, you will want to know what you need to buy for it. You need to bring the right things with you so you will be ready for a day of fun on the water. Make sure that you get all of the protective gear and more that you need and pack it up, and you will be ready to have a great time.

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Bring The Right Clothing

When you are out on the water, you will want to be wearing something quick to dry. There are many swimsuits, shirts, and items like that that are quick-drying, and you need to find one that fits you comfortably. You also need to consider the shoes that you put on that day because you will want to make sure that they are very sturdy so you will be safe in the whitewater raft.

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Bring The Right Hat, Too

Your clothes and shoes aren’t the only things to know when figuring out what to bring whitewater rafting, but so is a good hat because it will protect your eyes from the sun. You need to be able to see when you are in the raft, and you can get the right help to help you see the whole time you are in it. Buy a hat with a good brim and bring it with you each time that you go rafting.

Bring Warm Clothes, When Appropriate

You need to pack differently in summer months and winter months, and when the weather is colder, you need to think about everything from wool socks to the layers that you put on. You will want to dress as warmly as possible so you won’t feel chilled. You will get splashed by the water, and you need to know that your clothing will protect you from it. In the summer months, you will still want to wear clothing that won’t get too soaked, but you don’t have to be as worried about layering up.

Bring Plenty Of Sunscreen

No matter the time of the year, when you are in the water you are vulnerable to sunburn. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen along and apply it when you can. Keep all of the skin that is showing coated in it so you won’t be burned and uncomfortable at the end of the day.

Bring Items For Comfort

There are a few items you will want to have beyond good clothing that will bring you a sense of comfort when you are onshore, and they are a nice camp chair to sit in, and some bug spray to keep the bugs away. You will also want to have an emergency kit with just in case something goes wrong. You can pack food for good eating while rafting, as well.

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