Why Simien Tennis Elbow Brace Stand Out

Why Simien Tennis Elbow Brace Stand Out 1

Sports that involve the use of your upper extremities like basketball, golf, tennis, among others, make your elbows susceptible to injury. Elbow injuries take a long time to heal and cause severe pain to the arm. Taking preventive precautions help keep your elbows healthy and efficient for the long haul.

The elbow brace was developed; as a result to help athletes reduce risks of developing injuries like tendonitis. The brace is constructed using soft pads to prevent injury and the development of conditions like epicondylitis cubital tunnel syndrome. Several brands have designed elbow braces to this effect, the most popular being Simien Tennis Elbow Brace. Here’s a why this tennis elbow brace stands out:


Plain Strap Style

The brace uses a plain strap style that wraps around the high part of your forearm, exerting pressure on the tendon.


The manufacturer uses a mix of nylon (35%) and neoprene (65%) materials to enhance heat retention. The combination provides balances out your flexibility and therapeutic heat application needs.

If you are recovering from an injury, you will find this feature particularly useful. The heat helps open up blood vessels to transport oxygen and essential nutrients for tissue repair to the elbow. Also, the materials extend the life of the brace.


The Simien tennis elbow brace is a one-size-fits brace which means it can fit anyone. It is designed to stretch without causing discomfort on your arm while accommodating the needs of users of different builds.

Compact Build

What’s more, the brace has a somewhat compact build in comparison with other elbow braces with sleeves. The gel-like pads control compression better than an air pad by delivering the appropriate pressure to the forearm to yield a firmer, more comfortable fit. The compression also helps prevent inflammation.

Hook and Loop Strap Style

The brace is equipped with a hook and loop strapping style that allows you to fine-tune the gripping intensity of the brace to your needs. As such, users can tighten and loosen the binding as many times to find their ideal hold without interfering with blood circulation.

Additionally, the hook and loop strapping mechanism does not disrupt your arm’s full range motion. You have complete control of your arm to achieve the best performance.

Breathable fabric

Simien tennis elbow brace is well-ventilated in comparison with other elbow braces with sleeves. As such, it eliminates bacteria buildup, lousy odor, and skin irritation.

The package comes with a pair of braces, a complimentary sweat wristband, and an e-book called ‘Addressing Tennis elbow pain.’ The two-count pack makes the Simien Tennis Elbow Brace pretty affordable compared to buying two separate packages.


Without a doubt, the Simien Tennis Elbow brace stands out. Its adjustable technique, durable construction, compact build, and breathability beat any other elbow brace in the market.

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